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Abundant Life Assembly of God

abundantlifeLiving Life with Purpose!

Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” (NIV). There is no better way to live a full life than to have a purpose for living. Paul understood that having purpose brought passion to living. You can read about this in Philippians 1:12-18. God wants you to enjoy life.

A personal sense of purpose works in two ways. First, we work on it. Then, it works on us. Once Paul had determined his life mission, that purpose daily improved his attitude. In prisons, shipwrecks, beatings, through trials and debates, Paul kept on smiling because of his strong sense of purpose. He understood that people can either surrender to their circumstances, or they can surrender to a cause that is so great, their circumstances won’t matter.

When we surrender to our circumstances, we have good days and bad days. We are at the mercy of what happens to us. When we surrender to a cause or purpose, we have good days wherever we go; the purpose never dies. Paul’s attitude helped his purpose go forward, then his purpose helped his attitude go forward! His attitude helped him conclude that it didn’t matter what happened to him or others–so long as the mission continued.

The people who attend Abundant Life Assembly understand that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ helps us find, understand, and pursue our purpose in life! We believe that healthy friendships provide resources and encouragement in reaching God’s best for us! We offer Sunday Morning Worship and Small Group opportunities throughout the week to foster and nurture these relationships. People of all ages can come and find people who enjoy their relationship with God and others.

May you find God’s Best as your purpose in life!

Pastor Doug Ford

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Directions to Abundant Life

Abundant Life is located at 2303 Marion-Mt. Gilead Road (SR 95) in Marion, Ohio. The church is located one-quarter mile east of the intersection of State Routes 23 and 95.

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