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Cornerstone Alliance Church




We invite people to come as they are…we will share the truth in love, but we will trust the Spirit of God to do the changing in people’s lives…and we will offer hope not condemnation…
We long to be a motley crew…people from all ethnicities, backgrounds etc. who are united under the same DNA— Divine Truth (Presence), Nurturing Relationships, Apostolic Mission, and committed to the same PAGES of ministry (Prayer, Accountability, Giving, Extending, Service)
Our goal is to be Christ centered and community focused…five touch points (schools, hospital/nursing centers, media and the arts, civic/government, crisis support)…
Biblical balance is important to us…we want to keep the most important things most important and secondary things secondary; we want be a Great Commandment and Great Commission church
We strive for excellence…but we are not up tight about perfection…we want to offer our best in the power of the Holy Spirit consistent with our gifts and passions…but we also want to be very authentic about our hurts, struggles etc., we long to be a body that does not gossip…
Missions is our middle name… we measure success more by our sending capacity than our seating capacity… we want to speak in the heart language of our target audiences (words, music, and more)…
Transformation is our bottom line…changed lives is what it’s all about…that means application is a must in what we share…our goal isn’t to know a lot about God, but to know God!
Serving out there is as important as serving in here…our most important ministries may well be in our spheres of influence versus the four walls of the church…
We would rather light a candle than curse the darkness… rather than resemble or react to issues we want to redeem them by building bridges to the hope available in Christ
We know that you can’t live the Christian life in your own strength…we long for everyone to increasingly live their lives in the power of the Holy Spirit!

2010 Marion-Marysville Rd.
Marion OH 43302

Phone: 740-387-3565



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