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Marion Citizens For Life
“Cemetery of the Innocent”
Form for Cross Usage





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Trailer Information:

  • 1 7/8″ ball hitch
  • 4 prong blade wire attachment for light hookup
  • 6’x10′ trailer (can be pulled by a mini van or anything larger)


Trailer Pickup Check List:

  1. Key…
  2. Do “light check” after trailer is hooked up.
  3. Tire Pressure

Make sure you have:

  1. The Crosses
  2. The Sign (2 signs; 2 T uprights (black); 1″x8′ sign joiner bar; 4 cables; 8 wing nut bolts; 4 stakes)
  3. Hammers
  4. Tapes


If your group would like to help us maintain the crosses and trailer please consider a donation ($20 suggested) to Marion Citizens for Life @ 24197 Township Road 230, LaRue, Ohio 43332


Contact Information:

Main Contact:  Bob Gliem  740-389-2819   email:

Chairman Dale Claes  740-262-1359

Pastor John Jones   740-382-6270 (church number)  other: 740-360-8002

Gayle Oboy  740-389-3608


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