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Silver Ring Thing

“I truly am believing that this generation of kids will begin to turn things around and build up godly marriage and families and restore our nation to God.”

—Read More to see the images from the 2014 Silver Ring Thing.

Abstinence Awareness

Jenna Walter ATM Education – Abstinence ’til marriage education – Central Ohio   Adolescents, aged 12-18, face some formidable challenges in today’s sex-crazed culture. Growing up is not as simple for them as it was for their baby-boomer parents. ATM Education, a private, non-profit organization is designed to come alongside students, educators, parents and their communities to empower these young people to make healthy decisions based upon medically accurate information and therefore maintain the possibility of awesome opportunities for their lives. Abstinence ’til marriage education provides one of the few successful approaches to decrease teen sexual activity and therefore decrease teen pregnancy, STDs and emotional devastation and upheaval. Abstinence ’til marriage is 100% effective in eliminating teen pregnancies, STDs and reducing the probability of cervical and breast cancer later in life. Other Abstinence Links: Parents For Truth – Giving parents a voice to support Abstinence Education NAEA – National Abstinence Education...