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Dayspring Wesleyan

DayspringWesleynWe are working to become a congregation built around VERBS.  That does not just mean “busy”, but about doing the things that honor God and lift up the amazing Jesus, Son of God and our Savior.

We are not fundamentalist in style, although we believe in the biblical basics and fundamental teachings.  We try to avoid judgmental attitudes and prefer love and grace as the best context for truth.  We woudl rather build bridges to others rather than walls between us.

We are made up of a wide variety of church backgrounds, including returnees to the church and those with  a history of no church.  Our connections are Wesleyan, which is of the Methodist heritage.  Our worship services consider elements of tradition, and yet press ahead to stay contemporary and relevant.

The four verbs that drive our sense of mission are: REACH, GROW, WORSHIP AND SERVE.  All of this is in the context of connecting people to God, through Christ, and connecting people to one another and our world. 

We would welcome you checking us out and ask any questions you have.  And your involvement would help us continue to become who we are meant to be!


2431 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd.
Marion, Ohio 43302

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